It all started with …

5 years ago, my son Adam was born!
His birth has changed my life.
For me Adam was a real source of love and inspiration.
Like all mothers, I wanted to give him the best education, and offer him the best of everything.
But one thing was particularly important and very dear to my heart, I wanted to teach him my mother tongue.
I knew I had to talk to him from the very beginning so he would learn the language.
Okay, I admit it felt awkward at first to talk to few-days-old a child in a language that I rarely used otherwise. I’m sure some parents will recognize this situation. 🙂
I took this mission very seriously: I talked, I sang, I read him stories and poems in Hungarian. I ordered games and books to expand his small library.
Meanwhile, my husband had exactly the same goal to teach his son his mother tongue : Arabic. Except that his mission proved to be much more difficult as finding “good” books and “good games in Arabic was a mission (almost) impossible ….
After spending hours and hours searching online and explore bookstores and libraries to find these “treasures”, an idea crossed my mind: why not create them ??
That’s how it all started …
Today, after two years of work, training, exchanges, meetings and reflection, I can celebrate with all of you the birth, of my new born baby, the Daradam publishing house.
Big thx to everyone who helped me with contributions on KKBB, with a word of encouragement or even a simple smile.

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