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Learning kit by NaTakallam and Daradam


Play and speak Arabic with this learning kit made of one box of Arabicubes and a session of one hour of conversation in Arabic with a refugee.

NaTakallam is a social enterprise that connects Arabic learners worldwide and Syrian refugees for online conversation sessions via skype.

For more than a year, NaTakallam has been providing conversation sessions for children aged 6 to 18 years. With NaTakallam, your children can practice and improve their Arabic thanks to content based on their needs, and to a schedule based on their availability.
“Speaking with Hosam allows me practice my Arabic and to learn “Aamiyeh,’ the dialect, and this is the fun part of learning Arabic. NaTakallam has also opened a door for me on the world, and on how Hosam lives”
William, 9 years old, Alaska.
Arabicubes is an intergenerational game in the form of wooden blocks that facilitates the learning of writing in Arabic by manipulating the letters of the alphabet in all their forms.
With this kit you will have the tool and the support to start   learning Arabic.

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