Arabicubes Challenge Results

The results of the Arabicubes challenge!

Congratulations to all, for participating in the contest!

A week ago we have challenged the Arabicubes users, and many of you have participated.

We are so thankful for this. You are the best! Seeing all your photos encourages us so much.
It’s amazing how many words you can write with only one box of alphabet blocks.

Yesterday we have drawn the winner. It’s Nada from Budapest! Mabrouk! Congratulations!

Indeed, we decided to draw the winner because the Arabicubes Challenge was carried out by very different people like Arabic teachers and children too.  Nada wins the Daradam game of her choice. You can check the picture of her words’ list here.

Arabic alphabet challenge with the Arabicubes by Nada from Budapest HUNGARY

You can also admire the achievements of the other participants.

We love them all.

You’re motivated to participate in this Arabic alphabet challenge or you want to send us a new version?

Go for it! We would love to publish it with the others.

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